RSVP – Seminarian Support – This council’s RSVP program (Refund Support Vocations Program) involves our council and our member’s spiritual and financial support of seminarians studying for the religious life for the three dioceses in the state of Washington. The council has supported as many as 5 seminarians during a fraternal year. The support offered includes praying for them along their vocations journey, writing to them offering encouragement and providing them money to help defray the living costs while studying for their vocation. Funds used to support the sponsored seminarians are raised though various activities such as bake sales, pancake breakfasts, and member’s donations.


Altar Servers Appreciation – In conjunction with our council chaplain and pastor, the council supports the young members of St Brendan Altar Servers brigade. Knowing that assisting as an altar server might often be a first step in considering a vocation religious life,  the council takes great pride in recognizing the youngsters who step up to serve. The council has provided special entertainment days for these servers such as roller skating and bowl events supplemented with food and goodies to enjoy during the activity. The council also provides a certificate of appreciation and a rosary to the altar servers attending.


Sharing the Cross – This program, which was originally designed and chaired by Michael Gray. It was meant to be a fund raiser for seminarians and for defraying costs of McGivney Hall at Bishop White seminary in Spokane. It consisted of carrying the cross along the Pacific Coast trail. Hikers carrying the cross were supported by pledges received in support of the hike. In addition to sponsorship, an intercessory rosary was planned at the start of the program to support this effort. The program not only raised monies to support the council sponsored seminarians but also featured visibility for support of vocations and membership in the Knights of Columbus.


Men’s Into The Breach Faith Sessions – This programs is meant to bring additional spirituality to members of the Knights of Coulbus council and men of the parish. This program is an informal men’s study group which meets early morning of the dirst Saturday of the month at church. The group works with the Into the Breach booklet that the Knights of Columbus provide as well as viewing selected Into the Breach videos.  Following a short film and study conversation, the men attend Mass. This program has added a spiritual theme to members and men of the parish. It has also served as a recruiting activity for men considering joining the Knights. The council has also helped coordinate men’s conferences held at St Brendan,  such as Iron Sharpens Iron conference.